Talent Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a FAQ sheet to help with some of the most common questions asked to us

Do I need to be a model to work with you?

No, you do not need to be a model. Majority of our clients are looking for everyday people for their campaigns and assignments. Some of our clients will have specific requirements while majority of our clients are looking for your everyday person

If I don't need to be a model, why do i see many photos of models on your website?

We cater for many clients across Australia, our website is used to market our talent, events and services to a range of Company's and Businesses. 

The photos you see on our website are of previous jobs and events we have done with clients to promote both us and the client. 80% of jobs booked with us are for everyday people like you. These jobs are Ambassador jobs not modelling jobs. 

Our website is a marketing tool for clients who like to see how we could potentially promote their company and bring greater brand awareness to them.

You don't need to work as a model with us, we have many different job roles available. We see something in you may not. That's why we want you on our team!

Why do I need a portfolio/profile?

A portfolio is especially important in the arts & entertainment industry, especially if you are wanting roles in TV & Fashion.

We will create a comp card with the information provided on your profile for our clients.

Clients contact us with specific needs for their campaigns to market their products and services. So it is very important for the client to select the most suitable staff members for the campaign or project.

What information is in a portfolio/profile?

When you create your profile we will ask for physical details, contact details, details on what you are experienced in and what you would like to work doing, financial details and anything that can be used to help with clients campaigns. Clients will only get access to see your measurements, location and first name.

Why do you need all these details?

We require your physical details to help with clients that require talent for clothing campaigns, TV extras or any role that requires uniforms to be made to the talent’s measurements.

Contact details are for us to contact you, Financial details are for us to pay you after a job and all the other information is to help us get you more work.

What information does the client see?

The client will only be able to see a select number of photos selected by us, your first name, measurements. All other details are hidden. Clients will never be given your details unless we have spoken to you or for the purpose of contacting you on the day of the assignment to help you find their location.

How do I update my details after I have submitted my initial application

Once you have a login to our online portal, you will be able to upload and update your details at any time. Otherwise you can email your details through to talent@topendevents.com.au

How do I update or upload more photos?

Once you have a login to our online portal, you will be able to upload and update your photos at any time. Please keep in mind you may not be able to delete photos that are being used for your comp card. Once you upload your new photos we will be notified and may change the photos being used in your comp card

Try to include a variety of photos eg: Headshot, 3/4 length, Full length, Bikini or Lingerie, Studio Shots, On Location Shots (*Please note - Professional Photos are preferred however if you do not have any, that is ok. We can organise a professional shoot for you.)

What happens when a client contacts you?

Once a client contacts us, we vet the client to ensure they are a legitimate company or individual, we will gather job details and duties and submit a quote to the client.

In the meantime, we will then notify talent of a job availability. Once the talent has submitted availability, we will use this to help secure the client and then the client will make a selection on talent they require for their campaign

What is the process for apply for work?

  • A client gets in touch with us

  • We send out a SMS with basic event details to all suitable staff this is called a job availability. We may also send an email and place it on social media.

  • We will upload details onto our portal for talent to apply for (nothing further is required) A automatic email is sent out to you

  • If you are available, please follow the instructions in the SMS or respond to the SMS with your availability and reference number. (you do not always have to be available; this will not affect you in any way)

  • Within 24-48hrs we contact the client and submit all comp cards of available staff for selection

  • Once the client confirms their selection, we will contact the successful staff members.

  • Please note not all clients will respond quickly and not all clients will book staff

  • If you are successful and asked to lock it in please respond promptly to advise you have received our SMS, you will also be confirmed via our portal

  • Following this confirmation, we will email and SMS you a full brief of the event with everything you need to know as soon as the client has provided all event details

  • If you do not hear from us, you can assume you have been unsuccessful on this occasion

What happens if I have applied for a job, but I have not heard back from you?

We have submitted you for the role however if you have not heard from us you can safely assume you have been unsuccessful on this occasion. Once the client has made their selection, we will only contact the successful applicants.

What happens if i don't get picked?

Don't be disheartened if you don't get picked for an audition or assignment, we have put you forward for. Not being selected by a client is not a reflection on you. Each client will be looking for the best fit for their campaign or assignment and may need to meet specific requirements. There are always new campaigns and assignments around the corner.

What happens if i have taken another job while waiting on client selection?

That is totally fine, and we encourage you to take confirmed bookings even if they are with other agencies. If clients do not respond in a timely manner, we cannot guarantee them the availability of all staff at the time of their event.

We advise clients at the time of enquiring that if they wish to secure certain staff, they need to make their selection rather quickly.

What happens if I accept a job and then become unavailable?

We require all staff members to be available when applying for a role. If you have received other work before a confirmation has been sent that is totally fine. If you accept other work after confirmation this is not on, we expect all talent to be loyal once confirmed. If there is an unplanned circumstance, we understand this. Please notify us immediately if you become unavailable.

When do I receive the job details?

You will receive a full brief prior to the shift. We will normally send this no less than 24hrs before the shift. Some clients do not provide their brief till last minute making this difficult for us. We will try and get the brief to you with as much notice as possible. We will try to inform you of the details we know while we wait in the meantime.

If I’m onsite at a job and the client, ask asks me to do something different to what is specified what do I do?

If you are asked to do something different to what is required please contact us immediately, do not continue until you have advised us as all duties this is to ensure you are paid the correct rate.

If you attend and the manager or someone else in charge wants you to do a task in a different way please contact us, this may go against what the client requires.

How Do I Get Paid For A Promotion/Engagement?

Please see the latest info on how to get paid – click here



How long does it take to get paid?

Payments will be processed in line with the company’s pay cycles and can take between 14-30 days to be processed. Hours worked must be approved by clients before any payments can be approved, along with the return of any property or reports.

Why is my pay taking longer than normal?

Have you submitted all your documents to accounts? Have you completed your shift with all photos and surveys attached? Has the team contacted you to gain clarification around your shift due to the client asking questions or lodging a complaint?

Sometimes pays may take longer than normal due to one of many things. If this happens, please ensure you have

1. Completed your shift and all requirements,

2. Ensure all documents have been submitted,

3. Discuss with the team leader to see if the client has approved payment.

If all these have been checked then your payment will be processed in the next pay run.

How do I know if the accounts team received my email?

Once you have submitted your documents to the accounts team, you will receive a automated message. This email is to inform you we have received your documents. You do not need to email to check if we have received them. These types of emails will be ignored

How do I know which forms I need to send the accounts team?

At the completion of your campaign/event, the brief will have payment details with links. You can also access the payroll information on our website, the staff portal on the shared files or pinned post on the home page.

Why haven’t I received an email back from accounts

Have you emailed the accounts team asking when you will be paid? These types of emails will not be answered as the answer is in this document.

Our accounts team do not work full time and only work to process payments and ensure everything financial is correct. They don’t need added work load answering questions that are already answered within this documents delaying them to complete all their necessary tasks.

Please ensure you have completed the above tasks before contacting the team leader. Payments are always made 2 weeks in arrears, so please do not expect payment the day after completing a shift.

Who supplies the uniform?

We ask all talent to dress in black pants (no rips or branding) and a black tee (no branding or logos) when attending jobs. Any clients that require a specific uniform are advised it must be something talent have in their wardrobe eg: black tee and black pants. All themed wear and branded tees are supplied by the client or agency. On the assignment brief the details of what to wear will be advised.

Is there room to grow in the company?

Absolutely, we always have options for you to grow within the company. You can work your way to be a team leader, event manager or even a talent manager. If you would like to progress please contact your team leader to discuss your options and pathway

Do you have a big staff turn over?

No, we don’t. Many of our staff have work for us for 3 + years with 10% of staff going on their 8th year with us. All positions are casual giving you flexibility to work when its convenient for you. Depending on your personal circumstances you may like to work once a week or even just on school holidays, as your circumstances change we help support that until you no longer wish to work in the company or industry.

Can I apply for multiple positions?

Absolutely you can apply for multiple positions. You can also write a response when you apply via the portal. If shifts over lap you can let us know which one you prefer so we can best place you between the shifts. If we can reschedule shifts so you can do more than 1 in a day we will.

What is Promotions?

Promotions is the term used in the industry for Promotional Campaigns, Brand Awareness and Marketing.

Promotions are designed to reach the general public and promote a brand/product/service of a company/client

Are there any joining fees?

No way! We do not charge joining fees.

Do you take commission from my pay?

Definitely not! We will always charge the client our fees. The pay rates you see are what you will get. No fees or commissions are taken from those rates.

If I apply for a job does that mean I automatically get it?

No. Once you apply for the role we will submit all available talent/staff to the client for selection. Once the client has made a selection on the best fit for their company and campaign the successful applicants will be informed.

Is there a limit to how many hours I can work?

No, you can work as many hours as you are willing to work

Do we have to work specific hours or jobs?

No, you can pick and choose which shifts and hours you want to work.

If a shift is across multiple days, do I need to work all days?

It is preferred to work all days but not a deal breaker. Some clients will request the same staff and others are happy to mix it up. It will be a case by case so we would encourage you to still apply even if you cant do all days.

Can I work if I have lots of tattoos?

Yes you can. Some clients will request no tattoos so you may be required to cover them. If they are in positions that cant be covered the client may not select you to represent their company and campaign

Who picks us for work?

90% of the time the client will make the selection as it is their brand/product/service and campaign. They are looking for the best person that meets their company mission and statement. We do put recommendations in so adding as much info to your profile helps us sell you better to the client

What if I have any more questions?

Please contact us talent@topendendevents.com.au or visit our website for a full list of templates and documents.


What Duties/Tasks does a Promotional Models & Staff do?

Meet and greet with guests and attendees, approach, engage and mingle with guests and attendees, rove/walk around the area or venue, hand out promotional material/samples/freebies, be available for photo opportunities with the public, assist in sales if required, assist in competitions ran by client, interacting with potential customers. Promote brand awareness. Knowledge of client’s product/service may be required.

Attire is usually t shirt/singlet and jeans/leggings/shorts but not limited to

What Duties/Tasks does a Host, Hostess Party Hostess/Host or Cocktail Hostess do?

Meet and greet with guests and attendees, seat guests or guide them to an area, approach, engage and mingle with guests and attendees, serve drinks and finger food occasionally, help assist client with event activities, hand out awards or chauffeur guests and attendees. Ensure all guests and attendees are having a great time, essentially paid to attend events and parties

Attire is usually Business/Corporate, Cocktail dress or little black dress but not limited to

What Duties/Tasks does a Brand Ambassador do?

Meet and greet with guests and attendees, approach, engage and mingle with guests and attendees, rove/walk around the area or venue, hand out promotional material/samples/freebies, be available for photo opportunities with the public, assist in sales if required, assist in competitions ran by client, interacting with potential customers. Promote brand awareness. Knowledge of client’s product/service may be required.

Attire is usually t shirt/singlet and jeans/leggings/shorts but not limited to

What Duties/Tasks does a Grid Girl or Motorsport Model do?

Meet and greet with guests and attendees, approach, engage and mingle with guests and attendees, rove/walk around the race track or venue, hand out promotional material/samples/freebies, be available for photo opportunities with the public, assist in sales if required, assist in competitions ran by client, Grid duties such as standing on the grid prior to the race holding a flag or umbrella, Promote brand awareness. Knowledge of client’s product/service may be required

Attire is usually a dress, tshirt/singlet and jeans/leggings and shorts or midriff top and shirt/shorts but not limited to